YO-YO Market

Mortgage bond prices closed slightly below the levels where daily pricing was set applying upward pressure to mortgage rates. Trade was volatile all day tied to the movement in stocks. Equity and bond prices were yo-yoing with each snippet of news out of Europe.  Tomorrow brings weekly jobless claims and Q3 advanced GDP before lendersContinue reading “YO-YO Market”

Maine Mortgage Market – looking ahead 11.22 to 11.26

Mortgage bond prices got crushed last week pushing rates considerably higher. Trading started negatively Monday when stronger than expected retail sales figures piled on top of the weakness seen the prior week. There was considerable profit taking as traders sold bonds. Tame inflation readings helped buffer some of the price increases and the Fed’s bondContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market – looking ahead 11.22 to 11.26”

Maine Mortgage Market Update 10.29.2010

9 am – Mortgage bond prices opened higher Friday morning adding to the gains seen Thursday afternoon. In news released at the open, Q3 advanced gross domestic product rose 2.0%. That data was as expected. The only way we will ever recover from the Great Recession is to have GDP continue to increase. In otherContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Update 10.29.2010”

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