Market Wrap:monthly coupon rollover

MARKET WRAP: Mortgage Bonds had their monthly coupon rollover after the close of trading today. The effect of this rollover was minus 34bp points for the 4% coupon. Therefore, while the Bond quote for today shows minus 59bp closing at 97.66, the minus 34bp rollover adjustment must be accounted for. This means that pricing actuallyContinue reading “Market Wrap:monthly coupon rollover”

Maine Mortgage Market Wrap

MARKET WRAP:Today was fueled by geopolitical news and the Bond was halted by resistance at the 50-Day Moving Average. Oil prices were on a roller coaster ride today trading as high as $103.41 and as low as $95.62 on the geopolitical news out of North Africa. The news went from the extreme that Gaddafi wasContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Wrap”

Maine Mortgage Market Update 02.15.2011

MARKET WRAP: Mortgage Bonds traded higher for the 3rd straight session on Stock weakness and after softer than expected economic data. Retail Sales were a bit lower than expected, which also helped to boost Bond prices. The 4% coupon rose 25bp to end the session at 97.38. Stocks ended lower today as the recent rallyContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Update 02.15.2011”

Maine Mortgage Market Update 02.11.2011

MARKET WRAP: Mortgage Bonds were finally able to put together a meaningful rally today after several failed attempts the past few days as investors went bargain hunting. The 4% coupon rose 53bp to end the session at 97.00 finishing near the highs of the session despite a rise in the Stock markets. The Dow roseContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Update 02.11.2011”

Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.09.2011

MARKET WRAP: The Bond markets hopped on the roller coaster today as volatility continues to dominate trading. Mortgage Bonds opened higher this morning after 7 straight days of losses, then fell, but were able to surge after the strong results from today’s 10-yr note auction. The 4% coupon rose 34bp to end the session atContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.09.2011”

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