Maine Mortgage Market Wrap

MARKET WRAP: Not much action in the Mortgage Bond markets today as events in North Africa and the Mid East somewhat subsided. Inflation remained tame as evidenced by the Core PCE report but a strong Chicago PMI weighed on prices throughout the session. Our benchmark 4% coupon rose 3bp to 98.56 and traded in aContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Wrap”

Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.22.2011

MARKET WRAP: Tensions in the Mideast led investors to the safe haven of the Bond markets today and sent shockwaves through the Stock markets. Libyan dictator Gadhafi tried to cling to power today after a 42 year reign as he tried to push the Airforce to fire on their own people. The 4% coupon surgedContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.22.2011”

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