Don’t Overlook These Important Factors When Buying A New Maine Home

Most of the time when buying a property, there are a few obvious factors that you will consider – such as the location, the number of bedrooms, the accessibility to schools or your workplace, the need for repairs and any interior features. However, there are a few things that might not have crossed your mind during your house hunting but are still quite important.

Preventing And Clearing Clogs In Your Maine Home

You’re brushing your teeth and you turn on the faucet. It’s not draining and starts to back up.Here’s the dilemma; do you spit and let it sit or run to the kitchen? One thing is for sure; having a clogged drain can be a major annoyance.

A Few Red Flags To Look For When Buying Maine Real Estate

A recent study done by HouseMaster, a major home inspection company, stated that at least 40 percent of previously owned homes on the market have at least one serious issue or defect.

Go Green By Faking It With Artificial Grass

The summer heat is starting to take its toll on you and your thirsty lawn. Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars every summer striving to grow healthy grass and keep it green. If you’re sick of trying to maintain a manicured lawn, then you can go green another way. Install artificial turf.

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