4 Tips To Save For That Down Payment

In order to save up a huge amount of cash for the down payment on your first mortgage, you need a solid savings plan!

When you take out a mortgage on your new home as a first time homebuyer, the more you can pay as a down payment the better.


  1. Don’t buy if you can’t stay put. If you are not sure if you will be in one place for at least a few years, then owning is probably not for you, at least not yet. With the transaction costs of buying and selling a home, you may end up losing money ifContinue reading “ULTIMATE HOME BUYING TIPS”

First Time Home Buyer in Maine – No Money Down Mortgage

Because the allure of living with mom and dad forever or conversely renting into oblivion might not appeal to you all that much, when you hear a term like first time home buyer loans with zero down, you may be interested to find out just what that really is all about. These NO MONEY DOWNContinue reading “First Time Home Buyer in Maine – No Money Down Mortgage”

Secured Credit Cards for quick tradeline and credit improvement

Oftentimes borrowers don’t have any credit card debt or open lines of credit and this can hurt their scores. For these types of clients it’s recommended they open a secured credit card with a min balance of $300-$500. Problem is where can they get one of these? A simple and easy place for borrowers thatContinue reading “Secured Credit Cards for quick tradeline and credit improvement”

Decoding Your Credit Report

Decoding Your Credit Report Gain a better understanding of the factors that determine your eligibility for a loan. The importance of financial responsibility is oftentimes overlooked in a materialistic nation comprised of excessive credit card offers, stretched lines of credit and the weakening dollar. In order to boost financial responsibility and provide more accurate informationContinue reading “Decoding Your Credit Report”

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