Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.22.2011

MARKET WRAP: Tensions in the Mideast led investors to the safe haven of the Bond markets today and sent shockwaves through the Stock markets. Libyan dictator Gadhafi tried to cling to power today after a 42 year reign as he tried to push the Airforce to fire on their own people. The 4% coupon surgedContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.22.2011”

Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.14.2011

MARKET WRAP: The Bond markets rallied for a 2nd straight day as investors looked for bargain prices after the recent steep sell-off. Stock markets traded near unchanged levels throughout the session, which gave some support to Bonds. There were no economic reports released today. The 4% coupon rose 12bp to end the session at 97.12Continue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.14.2011”

Maine Mortgage Market Update 02.11.2011

MARKET WRAP: Mortgage Bonds were finally able to put together a meaningful rally today after several failed attempts the past few days as investors went bargain hunting. The 4% coupon rose 53bp to end the session at 97.00 finishing near the highs of the session despite a rise in the Stock markets. The Dow roseContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Update 02.11.2011”

Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.09.2011

MARKET WRAP: The Bond markets hopped on the roller coaster today as volatility continues to dominate trading. Mortgage Bonds opened higher this morning after 7 straight days of losses, then fell, but were able to surge after the strong results from today’s 10-yr note auction. The 4% coupon rose 34bp to end the session atContinue reading “Maine Mortgage Market Wrap 02.09.2011”

Huge jump in Treasury bond yields lures buyers back to the battered market

Yesterday the 4% coupon fell 100bp with the absence of buyers, but the opposite happened today as buyers came out in droves and pushed the coupon up 119bp to 98.94! Bargain hunting and a strong performance by the 7-yr note auction were the catalysts behind the move. Stocks had another dull session with low volumesContinue reading “Huge jump in Treasury bond yields lures buyers back to the battered market”

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