Retail Jobs Picking Up

Employment in April was up across the band of specific jobs; retail jobs increased 57,100 the largest increase since April of 2000; manufacturing +29K, goods producing +44K, service-providing +224K, government jobs down 24K. Those unemployed fro more than 27 weeks declined to 5.839 mil frm 6.122 mil in March. The U-6 unemployment rate at 15.9%;Continue reading “Retail Jobs Picking Up”

The sweet spot may soon be over for homeowners.

For the past few years, homes have been the most affordable on record. Low rates and low prices make a wonderful combination. However, this wonder combination may soon be coming to an end. Why do we say this? For one, new home sales are the lowest they have been since the government started keeping recordsContinue reading “The sweet spot may soon be over for homeowners.”

World Events Spark a Short-Term Drop in Home Loan Rates

Is this the last opportunity to purchase or refinance at bargain home prices and rates which are at record lows? For the past several months, rates have been rising from the historically low levels they reached during the second half of last year. These rates presented a great opportunity for homeowners to refinance their homeContinue reading “World Events Spark a Short-Term Drop in Home Loan Rates”

Weak Existing Home Sales and AT&T Buys T-Mobile

MARKET WRAP: The announcement from the Treasury that it will begin selling $10B in Mortgage Backed Securities each month starting this month sent MBS prices lower today. The total amount the Treasury owns is $142B. The news sent MBS and Treasuries considerably lower but they did manage to pare some of those losses by theContinue reading “Weak Existing Home Sales and AT&T Buys T-Mobile”

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