Here we go again.

Round and round we go.

The market is struggling to gain stability as market swings are the norm as of late. Mortgage bonds are now falling back off pushing rates higher.

Mortgage bond prices opened weaker this morning erasing the gains from yesterday afternoon but have recovered a bit near pricing to keep things in check.
Global equities brushed aside the Greek turmoil and posted gains overnight. US stock are higher with the DOW up over 40 points.
To repeat…. the roller coaster ride continues.
The data this morning was mixed. Factory orders up 0.3%, expected down 0.1%. Weekly jobless claims @ 397k, expected @ 400k, not rate friendly, Productivity up 3.1%, expected up 2.8%.
Yesterday the Fed made no rate changes and indicated:

-Growth strengthened somewhat in Q3
-Vote was 9-1, Evans wanted additional policy accomodation
-Household spending increased
-Signs point to continued weakness in labor market, elevated unemployment
-REPEATS significant downside risk to economic growth, notes strains from GLOBAL financial markets
-Inflation moderated
-Repeats the conditions likely warrant exceptionally low Fed Funds Rate at least through mid 2013
-Expects inflation to settle in coming quarters
-Will continue to reinvest principal payments of mortgage debt back into mortgage-backed securities


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