Look What’s New for Maine Real Estate Financing!

Happy Friday the 13th,

It’s still a great time to refinance and the purchase market couldn’t be better for a buyer.

These rates are based on no points, rate and term refinance or a purchase, with qualifying income, loan to value and fico scores. **

FHA 30 Year Fixed 4.50%

FHA 15 Year Fixed 3.875%

30 Year Fixed 4.75%

15 Year Fixed 4.125%

Jumbo 15 year Fixed 4.50%

Jumbo 30 year Fixed 5.125%

What’s New?

Here’s a couple of neat things we can do or do better!

With the current economy and a lot of people struggling, some new products have become available to help these borrowers.

1. FHA loans with FICO scores as low as 540.

2. FHA loans with up to 2 mortgage late payments in last 12 months.

3. Conventional loans 620 minimum fico, 1 mortgage late in last 12 months

4. Conventional loans with only 3% down or 97% LTV, NO monthly mortgage insurance

5. Jumbo Loans In house at great rates (see above)

6. We now have Maine State Housing

7. We now do everything under one roof! Appraisal Ordering, Processing, Title, Underwriting and Closing!

For a FREE evaluation contact me today!


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