Maine Mortgage Update 10.29.2010 (end of day)

Mortgage bond prices closed slightly higher Friday afternoon applying downward pressure to mortgage rates.

In news released at the open, Q3 advanced gross domestic product rose 2.0%. That data was as expected. The only way we will ever recover from the Great Recession is to have GDP continue to increase. However that said, as GDP increases so will rates because an expanding economy can be inflationary.

In other news, the employment cost index rose 0.4%. Traders were expecting ECI to rise 0.5%. Lastly, consumer confidence stood at 67.7K vs. the expected 68.00 analysts had estimated. All in all the data was as expected.

Next week is going to rock and roll. Monday brings income, outlays, core PCE and IMS data, the election on Tuesday, Fed meeting Wednesday and the employment report Friday. Yikes!

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