Historic Low Mortgage Rates, again?

How many times have you heard that “Mortgage rates are at historic lows!”?

You’ve heard this line when rates were at 6.0% and 5.50% and 5.0%. You’ve heard it so many times it may not even register anymore. But have you taken the time to speak to a mortgage specialist who can guide you through the process and help you determine the best time to lock in your refinance loan?

There many free resources available online to help homeowners better understand what mortgage interest rate they will qualify for. It is very important to remember that no homeowner will get a 100% accurate rate quote until they submit a mortgage refinance application. One submitting this application of homeowners will better understand if they can save money by refinancing.

How do you take advantage of this opportunity? Contact a lender you trust and a real estate agent with experience and knowledge of your area. Talk to people who have recently purchased or refinanced a home. The tools required for a successful investment in your future are all around you!

Published by Seth Jacobs

Mortgage Broker, Disc Golfer and First Person Shooter Fan living in Vacationland.

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