Maine USDA Home Loan
Maine USDA Home Loan

It is hard to beat the flexibility and great rates of Maine’s USDA rural housing loans. These programs are geared toward home buyers who live in rural areas of the Country (that’s most of Maine according to USDA)and who have little to no money to put down. USDA rural housing loan programs offer flexible, common sense underwriting guidelines, relaxed credit requirements, no PMI (private mortgage insurance) options, the ability to finance closing costs into the loan amount, lenient seller concessions, and rates that are comparable to, if not better than, conventional fixed rate mortgage programs.

Are you ready to own a home but are not sure you will qualify due to lack of a down payment?

A Maine USDA Home Loan may be perfect for you! USDA Rural Development can extend 100% financing opportunities to Maine individuals and families.

Advantages of a Maine USDA Rural Housing Loan include:

* 102% Financing (Up to Appraised Value)

* No PMI

* No Down payment Needed

* Not just for first time home buyers

* No reserves required

* No limit on seller concessions

* 100% Gift Allowed

* Liberal compensating factors

* Flexible credit score guidelines

* No maximum purchase price limit

* Repairs and improvements can be included in the loan

* Competitive fixed 30-year rates

The Maine Rural Development guaranteed loan program has assisted thousands of customers just like you. Contact me today to be pre-approved for a Maine USDA Home Loan!

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