Simple Ways to Save More

Simple Ways to Save More

On average, families spend $1,900 a year on utility bills. Much of the money is wasted on inefficiencies. Save hundreds of dollars (and make your home more comfortable) by following low-cost & no-cost steps:

1. Install programmable thermostats;

2. Replace conventional lighting with compact fluorescent bulbs;

3. Caulk & weatherstrip doors/windows;

4. Turn off computers & monitors when not in use;

5. Use power strips for electronics (turning strips off when equipment isn’t in use);

6. Lower hot water heater thermostat to 120°F;

7. Take short showers instead of baths;

8. Wash only full loads of dishes & clothes;

9. Replace or clean furnace filters monthly;

10. Purchase ENERGY STAR rated appliances & products.

For more energy-saving ideas, check out,, and

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